Crisis Intervention

Feeling trapped... Uncertain... Claustrophobic... ?

Is it that bad that you feel like taking any extreme step, backing out, giving up and wanting to escape the current situation?
It is ok. It is ok because something might have happened in your life that is making you feel helpless and confused. You may be feeling too distressed to even figure out what to do, a situation of complete confusion and chaos in mind and heart. There might be lots of internal conflict going on, or just blank.

It can happen to any of us, anytime. Relationship issues, breakup, financial loss, professional issues, peer / parental pressure, death of a loved one or anything that shakes our entire being. It is something that has happened leaving us completely zapped and clueless on the direction to follow.

If anything of this sort is happening to you, accept that you are going through a difficult phase. You may not be able to deal with this emotional turmoil all by yourself. So be kind to yourself and ask for help.

Talk to someone you trust, someone who will not look down upon you for sharing what you are feeling and what you are going through. If you are feeling lonely and wondering who to speak to about the current situation, you may seek professional help. Stay Zen provides you emotional support during the difficult and unbearable moments.