Psychological Counselling is one of the most misunderstood terms. This often results in expectation of readymade solutions to problems and a sudden change that will relieve the person of all his present anguish. Most of the times, it is also seen as a relatively easy or miraculous way wherein one doesn’t need to do anything but just go to the counsellor and rest is all counsellor’s work. Now, this is not true.

Counselling undoubtedly helps someone who is facing a difficult situation of any degree. However, instead of giving readymade solutions or advice, the correct counselling approach focuses on understanding your situation, circumstances and surroundings. It takes you through a process wherein it empowers you to deal with the immediate problem at hand and makes you capable of leading your life more efficiently and successfully. In short, it supports you in the process of becoming emotionally independent.

One key aspect of counselling is the person himself/herself must have the willingness to go through the counselling process.